Photographer – Jeffrey Douglas

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My journey into photography began way back sometime around 1983 while working as a reporter for a weekly newspaper. I was right out of college and writing news for a small local newspaper. I would write stories but often not have any pictures to go with the stories because there was not a full time photographer.

So I went out and bought myself a camera and taught myself all about photography as well as developing black and white film in the darkroom. While working at the newspaper I had the opportunity to meet and photograph a lot of interesting people as well many celebrities. I think the most notable would have been photographing Michael Jackson and interviewing Michael Jordan at a press conference.

I eventually got out of the newspaper business and photography and started working professionally as a graphic designer (something else I had to learn at the paper). While working as a graphic deisgner the digital revolution was in the beginning stages. I was able to get in on the ground level working with Adobe Photoshop and other tools that would later pay big dividends for me when I returned to photography. At this point the darkrooms were fading and all photography was now being edited and retouched in Adobe Photoshop.

In 2005 while in between jobs I began to get the itch to get back into photography so I went out and bought my first professional level digital camera. It didn’t take long to get back up and working especially with the all digital workflow now in photography. My experience as a professional retoucher and my extensive experience in photography gave me a great opportunity take my skills to another level. In 2005 I started my business now known as Moving Exposure Photography. My passion for taking pictures and retouching images to perfection brought me back into the world of photography. That’s the same passion that I apply to any photography assignment that I have the pleasure of working on.

Jeffrey Douglas

Michael Jackson I shot in the 80's.

Michael Jackson I shot in the 80’s.